In 2014, Excelsior College president, John Ebersole, recognized the need to expand workforce development services at the College. Based on over 40 years of experience granting credit for prior learning, the Center for Assessment of Post-Traditional Instruction, Training, and Learning (CAPITAL) was born. CAPITAL helps employers build a more educated workforce by ensuring that employees earn college credit for the training they receive on the job.


  • offer a low-cost, high-value add to training and certificate programs
  • provide motivation for working adults to advance their education
  • maximize employer tuition reimbursement programs
  • save employees and students valuable time and cost to degree attainment

Capture Employee Achievements

Credit awarded for training programs and credentials will be mapped directly into Excelsior Degree programs. In addition, our OneTranscript® service offers a way to capture employee educational achievements on one document.


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