Excelsior College can work with employers to ensure their training programs are ready for an academic credit assessment. The following guidelines can help determine if employee training programs are eligible for an Excelsior evaluation:

    • Training programs are STRUCTURED and delivered in a classroom-based, online, or hybrid format.


    • Training programs include LEARNING OBJECTIVES or EXPECTED OUTCOMES for each module or class.


    • Training programs DEMONSTRATE STUDENT LEARNING either in the form of a formal test, significant project, proficiency or certification examination, essay, or case study. (Note: Excelsior College has more detailed requirements for the assessment of credentialing examinations.)


    • Employers maintain OFFICIAL RECORDS of employees’ participation in training (including pass/fail and attendance).


  • Employers are able to provide sufficient DOCUMENTATION including program policies, syllabi, curricula, assignments, instructors’ qualifications, and assessments (including quizzes, projects, tests).